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New Marina in Torrox Costa

New Marina

A new marina is planned for the area between Nerja and Torrox at Peñoncillo. According to information from the construction company Acciona and the consulting firm UG21, the marina will have 872 berths for boats between 8 and 40 metres. A new shopping and restaurant area will be established. The project is estimated to cost around €87.5 million and is expected to be completed in a few years.

The marina will increase the value of properties in the area, which is already developing into a high-end tourist destination with sustainable tourism, nature parks, walking paths and free public transport for registered residents.

The planned marina could make Torrox a new attractive investment area on the Costa del Sol. It is expected to attract investors, establishment of restaurants and shops, entertainment concepts, etc. A sustainable concept that focuses on preserving the area’s natural beauty and Spanish heritage will make the eastern side of the Costa del Sol a winner in the long term.

Expected location

A new marina in Axarquía has been long awaited for over 25 years. Now, the newly appointed political leaders have proposed a hybrid of public and private funding under an ‘ecotourism’ model. This project is one of the most indisputable projects on the entire Andalusian coast. It has implications for the development of the whole of Andalusia.

The marina is planned to be located at Playa Vilches, near Restinga Beach, on the border of Nerja and Torrox. It would cost 33 million euros and have space for as many as 500 boats, as well as a quay for larger luxury yachts. Construction would take about 2 years. A marina would mean new residential areas, further boosting tourism and restaurants. In addition, the area could raise interest from investors enormously. This makes the area highly attractive for investment.

Penioncillo has a dramatic coastline, several natural parks and proximity to European cultural treasures such as Cordoba, Seville and Granada. The combination of the government’s “eco-tourism” strategy and its proximity to Malaga airport, Sierra Nevada, etc. makes this area very attractive.

There are no interesting zones left to build on in popular Nerja. The pressure for new construction in the area is very strong. It is natural that this is the next place to build (with or without the marina).

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