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Pizzafari: A Slice of Italy in Torrox Costa

Pizzafari Entrance

In the heart of Torrox Costa, a culinary gem named Pizzafari is winning the hearts of locals and tourists alike with its authentic Italian pizzas. Managed by a passionate Italian couple, Pizzafari has quickly become renowned as the destination for offering one of the best food in Torrox Costa. Here’s a closer look at what makes this pizzeria stand out in the bustling culinary scene of Torrox Costa.

Pizzafari Pizza

Authentic Italian Flavors from Pizzafari

At Pizzafari, the pizza-making process is a serious affair, handled with the utmost care and dedication. The Italian couple behind the counter, Esther and Paolo, bring a touch of Italy to Spain with their culinary expertise. Patrons consistently praise the quality of the pizzas, noting the perfect balance of flavors and the notable absence of excess salt—a common critique of other pizzas in the region. The attention to detail in crafting each pizza ensures that every bite transports you straight to Italy.

A Menu of Masterpieces by Pizzafari

Pizzafari’s menu is a testament to the quality of its ingredients and the skill of its chefs. Among the standout offerings is the Verde Speck pizza, a favorite among regulars for its natural, high-quality ingredients and spectacular dough. The pizzeria also receives acclaim for its calzones, which are celebrated as the best many have tasted in years. The dedication to quality extends to catering for special dietary needs, including providing options for pregnant women that ensure all ingredients are pasteurized or appropriately cooked.

Exceptional Service with a Personal Touch

What sets Pizzafari apart, even more, is the warmth and kindness of its service. Esther and Paolo not only excel in the kitchen but also in making every customer feel welcomed and valued. Their approach to service is personalized and attentive, ensuring that each visit is a memorable one. This level of care extends to special requests and dietary considerations, with the couple going out of their way to accommodate the needs of their patrons.

Pizzafari Kitchen

A Culinary Destination for All

The rave reviews for Pizzafari extend beyond Torrox Costa, attracting visitors from neighboring cities and beyond. Many assert that they haven’t found better pizzas anywhere else, praising the natural ingredients, exceptional dough, and the meticulous preparation that goes into every dish. Pizzafari’s commitment to quality and service has not only made it a local favorite but also a must-visit destination for anyone in search of the best pizza experience in Spain.


Pizzafari in Torrox Costa stands as a beacon of Italian culinary excellence, offering an authentic pizza experience that rivals those found in Italy. The dedication of Esther and Paolo to quality, combined with their warm hospitality, ensures that each visit is both a culinary delight and a welcoming experience. Whether you’re a local, a tourist, or someone just passing through, Pizzafari promises an unforgettable dining experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Pizzafari Package

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